Euro Industrials services many industries! While a core part of our business has been shoe accessories and belt accessories, we also supply the home décor industry, promotional companies, clothing and handbag manufacturers and the coffin industry, to name a few.

We manufacture to order, and therefore do not keep stock on the floor. However we have a wide selection (over 15 000) of existing masters, which we will use to make orders. Please contact Melissa ( for a catalogue of existing products.

Our pricing is a sliding scale system – the more you order, the cheaper each unit will be. Our pricing is also ex-VAT and ex-factory (delivery is not included).

Our minimum order quantity is 25 units. If you’re needing less than that, please contact us to discuss the options.

Our product are spuncast from zinc. Zinc is a non-ferrous metal (meaning it’s free from iron). It’s not magnetic and won’t rust. Do bear in mind though that certain electroplated finishes can tarnish, which could give the appearance of a rusted surface.

Yes, we frequently develop new products from photos or drawings. Please email your photo to Melissa ( along with any additional information (such as dimensions) and we will revert with a quote.

You’ve come to the right place! We develop new products every day. We can either develop from scratch using artwork, or we can use an existing product as a starting point and personalise it.

While some product methods (such as pressure die casting) involve expensive moulds (or tools), spin casting does not. This is what makes spin casting so well suited to running smaller quantities. Rather than “making a mould”, our development process starts with creating a prototype. This prototype is then used to cast masters, and then from the masters we cast production. Please refer to our section explaining spincasting for more information.

Regarding the price of developing a new product, this varies depending on the type of development. It starts at R840 ex VAT, and this includes artwork, prototype creation and 5 production samples for approval.

Development takes between 7 – 10 working days from artwork approval. If you’re happy to approve from a photograph of an unplated sample, we can reduce this lead time.
Production of an order takes approximately 15 working days.

Yes! We have a master library of over 15 000 existing products. Please contact us for catalogues.

No, we quote per product as and when needed. We have over 15 000 existing products, and we develop new products all the time. This, along with the fact that the cost of raw materials change every day, means that having a set product price list just isn’t feasible.


In some industries, such as costume jewellery, it’s very important that nickel not be used in the finishing of products. Some people suffer from a nickel allergy – a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis. Suffers may develop an itchy rash where their skin comes in contact with nickel.
For this reason, we offer a selection of nickel-free finishes.

We offer 19 finishes, 10 of which are nickel-free. For an up-to-date list of finishes, please contact Melissa (

Yes we do! We have 10 nickel-free options, and can provide nickel leach-out reports as well.

Delivery & Payment

We do not accept cash, nor do we have a credit card machine. Payment is best done via EFT. We will provide all the relevant details on your proforma invoice.

All our pricing is ex-factory, meaning it doesn’t not include delivery. If you’re not able to collect, we can provide a quote for delivery using our couriers, alternatively you’re welcome to arrange collection via your own courier.

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